A framework for your travel agency business

Many people have the entrepreneurial spirit but are held back by a number of different limitations including insufficient start-up capital, limited industry knowledge and a lack of a supportive network. Each of these three areas is critical to the success of a fledgling business and without any one of these components the companyís chance of success is substantially reduced. There are many different means by which these components can be brought into a new business but each and every one of them will prove to be significantly costly in the long term.

However, there is an alternative that will not drain the profits of a newly established travel agency. Freedom Travel Group is part of The Co-operative Travel Group which is one of the largest travel businesses currently operating in the United Kingdom. It is backed by the brand, industry knowledge and resources of The Co-operative Group, providing small travel agents with a competitive edge over completely independent rivals and even nationwide chains. While operating as individual businesses, companies that operate under the Freedom Travel banner enjoy a number of key advantages which have the potential to significantly increase the profitability of the travel agency business.

Enhanced commercial economics

The Co-operative Travel Group enjoys the best commercial terms in the market place due its positioning as the largest travel distributor in the United Kingdom. To date, the group has conducted over £1.5 billion worth of travel transactions. As a result of its significant commercial clout, The Co-operative Travel Group can offer its members significantly enhanced commercial economies including access to extensive stock, exclusive consumer campaigns and special rates on products such as travel insurance and low cost flights. As an independent provider a travel agent could not even dream of being able to provide such attractive rates and services to their customers.

Reduced operating costs

By being a part of a larger organisation a small travel agent operating under the Freedom Travel banner can enjoy the economies of scale produced by a large organisation as well as the centralisation of many services. Freedom Travel offers members an efficient and refined administration process including centralised payments, minimising the travel agentís administrative workload and reducing staffing requirements. Moreover, members will enjoy a substantial reduction in the bank charges associated with making payments to travel suppliers. This is only the beginning when it comes to the reduced operating costs that a travel agent can enjoy as part of a wider organisation.

Industry association membership

As part of Freedom Travel member travel agents are enrolled in the Association of British Travel Agents without having to pay membership fees or bonding fees. Membership allows the travel agent to display the coveted ABTA logo on the business premises and on all correspondence with customers. The ability to display the logo is highly regarded by businesses and customers alike, setting a benchmark in choice, value and standards of service. This will give customers peace of mind when using the travel agentís services and establish the company as a reputable and reliable brand.

Technology and support

Freedom Travel are able to provide all of the systems required by the travel agent inclusive as part of the monthly payment. This includes front and back office computer systems as well as the training and support required to operate and maintain the systems. The travel agent will therefore be able to fully utilise the latest technology and streamline the processes associated with purchasing holidays. This will in turn ensure the highest standards of efficiency within the workplace and therefore maximise the profitability of the company and reduce the considerable workload required of employees.

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