Dubai is the transport center of the U.A.E. and along with that most of the international passengers and travelers arrive in this city of the whole country. It is a tax free country but it is just a heaven for shopping especially when it in the season of shopping from mid-January to the mid-February. You will just love to shop here at the Gold Souq. Thus, it is a good idea to save on the tickets and spend on shopping. Therefore, you must buy the cheap air tickets to Dubai. If you are willing to know more about is historic sites and want to grab good info about this place, you should visit the Bastakiya District and the Dubai Museum.

Flights to Dubai

You will be glad to know that the airfares to Dubai are the cheapest on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday. Do you know why? The Mondays are highly famous amongst the business travelers along with the weekends that are popular amongst the people who are going for a long trip. If you wish to avoid losing your hard earned money you must consider going on the three days we have reported in this page. You can get several cheap air tickets to Dubai.

You can look out for the no frills airlines to save more. "Emirates" airline is the Dubai based airline and the other airlines that stop in Dubai are the Thai airways, Finnair, and Aer Lingus. When it is in the peak time of holidays to Dubai like New Year, the airfares will be touching the sky, so plan accordingly. It will be a good option to compare the prices first and then buy. Well, in that case, we surely offer you with cheap air tickets to Dubai. You can trust us. Flying in the middle of the week is the best decision.

It is advised to consider flying to Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. and then travel to Dubai through bus or train. You will get an opportunity to view these places at some extent too. The cheap air tickets to Dubai are there with you if you book them through our booking engine.