Is anyone planning to visit Ranchi? It is the capital of one of the popular Indian states named as Jharkhand. Why should you plan to go to this city? The very first reason is that the state accounts for over 40% of the total mineral resources of our nation India. Out of that 40%, Ranchi is the city of Jharkhand that accounts for 50% of the total mineral production of the state. Otherwise also, people generally look out for the cheap air tickets to Ranchi because it is one of the most favored cities too. Another important fact is that this city is the business as well as political centre of Jharkhand. Thus, more and more people like to get migrated to this city of high status.

Flights to Ranchi

Due to this reason also Ranchi is known as the Manchester of the East. This city is the proud owner of the domestic airport named as the Birsa Munda Airport. If you want to get some regular flights from cities like Patna, Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi to Ranchi, Kingfisher airlines, jet Airways and Indian Airlines are there for you. You can surely book cheap air tickets to Ranchi from this site and we will offer best deals to you in all possible ways.

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