When it comes to private airlines, India is a proud owner of ample of private airlines. Jet Airways is one amongst the well renowned and top level carriers of India. It was also amongst the primary carriers which were permitted by Indian Government. The Jet Airways India has been giving excellent services for both domestic as well as international airlines. This airline holds over 30% of share in the aviation market in India. The Jet Airways Flights have substantial place in the sales of the International tickets. Their reputation is trustworthy and easily recognizable. Just a year back, this airline launches its new and highly economic services through JetKonnect airlines.

Jet Airways Konnect offers low price options along with the amenity to leave over 2 tier cities unlinked. They offer direct flights that are actually scheduled chiefly for the busy cities around. It is surely a new and refreshing trend in the aviation industry. It has influenced people to use airlines rather than any other transportation mode. Jet Airways India is a famous Mumbai based airways which has achieved the status of 2nd largest Indian airline after Air India. It rules over the market as far as the domestic sector is considered. You will be surprised to know that we have more than 400 Jet Airways Flights to over 80 different destinations all over the world. JetLite is another airline by this airway.

Jet Airways India

The two airline services offered by Jet Airways are highly cost efficacious for the general people. Earlier JetLite was popularly known as Air Sahara. At present the logo of this airline is 'flying sun' along with the new bilious included the golden and yellow ribbons that was lunched in the year 2007. The uniform has been designed by the Italian designer named Roberto Capucci in yellow color. From 14th April 2010 the Jet Airways India has introduced regular flights to Johannesburg, South Africa. It does not matter whether you want to go to Asian countries, European or American countries, you will love it. The best and most remarkable feature about the Jet Airways Flights is that it has been awarded the 2nd best long haul airline position after Singapore airline in the entire world. This award has been given by “Which?” magazine. All credit goes to its high quality catering services as per the magazine survey.

Jet Airways began the international services in the year 2004 in March Month from Chennai to Colombo. After that it began the international flights from Mumbai to London in May 2005 and from Delhi to London in October 2005. Two Jet Airways India services from Amritsar to London and Ahmadabad to London were discontinued by the Company in December and January in the year 2008. They were continued in the year 2006 and 2007 respectively. There are over 89 aircrafts in this airline fleet having an average age of about 5.4 years. Thus, if you are planning your trip and are looking for cheap and economic flights then you must prefer the Jet Airways Flights for sure.