Since the aviation industry has opened up its doors for the private airlines, a wide number of players have entered the fray. I must say that none other private airlines has been as progressing and successful as Kingfisher Airlines. In present time, it is the only Indian carrier which has attained 5 star rating till now. It is one amongst the few airlines in the world having this 5 star rating. Kingfisher Airways is owned by Vijay Mallya who is also an Indian liquor baron. The main hub of this airline is situated at the Bengaluru International Airport located in Bangalore. Its second main hub is located at Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. This second hub is also shared with the Kingfisher Red. What is Kingfisher red? It is the low frills cousin of Kingfisher. Fly Kingfisher and experience the ultimate flying opportunity.

On each day over 375 Kingfisher Airlines flights take off to over 71 separate destinations to both India and other countries. The airplanes of this company carry a very bright colored logo of the bird kingfisher in flying position. The present fleet includes Airbus A319-100, ATR-72 and Airbus A320. When the Kingfisher Airways began its work and business, each and every airplane in the fleet was purchased brand new. Do you know that Vijay Mallya the owner of Kingfisher started off his business with 40 Crore rupees and now he has over 6000 Crore business divided into different aspects including this airline. Fly Kingfisher and you have extreme facilities to your door.

Flykingfisher Airways India

Even though it has 5 star rating, still you can obtain the flying experience at cheaper rates. The luxury comes too cheap. On international basis, Kingfisher Airlines is one amongst the most affordable Indian Carriers. In order to great discounts you must book your flights in advance online. You will surely love it. Kingfisher Airways is one amongst the successful innovators in the Indian aviation industry. It was the very initial Indian airline that introduced entertainment system in flight. At present, this company has its tie up and collaboration with a leading Direct to Home satellite television companies. Thus, Fly Kingfisher because it avail its passengers with best entertainment content all from India.

Moreover, an attractive feature of Kingfisher Airlines is that it offers its passengers with welcome kit containing a face cleaning tissue, a pen and a personal use earphone which be later utilized for connecting to the air plane's entertainment system. It also offer The airport grounded valet service along with three course meals and special personal lounges to its passengers on all flights. Kingfisher Airways will surely give you the delight and pleasure to be a passenger in this world famous airline.

The year 2004 is the launch of this airline services. Since then it has obtained great heights. United Breweries Group whose head owner is Vijay Mallaya is also holding up Fly airlines. Fly Kingfisher and feel the difference in skies. This information is enough for you to understand the reasons for why you must use Kingfisher Airlines.